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Huddersfield Conservative Future Curry Night

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Freshers Fayre

Thanks to everybody who helped out on the Huddersfield Conservative Future stall at Freshers week. We gave away lot’s of material and had many people sign up to our group. MP Jason McCartney also popped along and chipped in.

We will be having our first meeting on Tuesday 2nd of October. For more details on this look under “Events” on our website or join us at

Feel free to get in touch anytime.

Take Care

Huddersfield Conservative Future

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Latest Huddersfield CF Bulletin

Hello Folks,

I hope you’re all doing well and are looking forward to the Xmas period!

I am sending you our latest but long bulletin just so you know everything that’s going on in Huddersfield Conservative Future and how you can get involved.

Latest Event
Huddersfield Conservative Future had a great night last week at laser quest where we played 3 different games for just £6. We went to some bars afterwards where we had various discussions, played table football, pool and on games machines. Thanks for all who came to this and for Harry Doodson our HCF President for organising it and who also came top of each game out over 40 players.

Next Event
Following on from the successful dinner in Leeds I am organising a Huddersfield Conservative Xmas Curry Night for HCF and our local association where I am also an Officer which will be held on Tuesday the December 6th from the Huddersfield Central Lodge11/15 Beast Market, HD1 1QF (Opposite Eden Night Club and formerly Johnny’s). They have plenty of free parking at the back and their website can be viewed at I will buy a drink on the house for those people who signed up to our group but haven’t been involved yet.

5 Course Buffet for just £7.95 and English dishes are on offer if you’re not a curry fan. Set meals on offer and of course a choice of other Indian & Asian cuisine. For more information please view their website at The address is 37 New Street, Huddersfield HD1 2BQ.

We will be arriving at Shabab Restaurant (near HSBC) in the Town Centre at the booked time of around 8pm. You don’t have to go for a drink beforehand if you don’t want and I and others will meet you at the restaurant likewise if you’re not coming to the meal you can drop in at the bar.

It’s upto you what you want to wear for this event.

More details of the Curry Night can be found at and through our website where you need to look under the “Events” page.

All are welcome but if you can say whether you’re coming or not ASAP that would be great. No problems if you forget as you can just turn up on the day.

Future Event

In January I will look at organising a trip to the Cinema to watch the Iron Lady. To get a taste of the movie please view it’s trailer at If interested in this then please do get in touch.

National Conservative Future
Philip Smith is putting himself forward for a chance to become part of the team for the National Conservative Future group Philip has done a lot for young conservatives in Yorkshire and also played a key role in keeping our HCF going. To view why he is standing and his policies please either click on the link or copy and paste the attached link into your browser

Yorkshire & Humberside CF
HCF member Chris Meadows and also uploaded his last blog about his experience over the last month or so on Yorkshire CF. If interested read over at Chris helped with our stall at Fresher’s Fayre and attended the Policy Forum with fellow HCF member Mark Dodsworth.

HCF would like congratulate Katie Frank who appeared on Leeds radio to air her views on Tuition fees.
Katie is also trying to get a group CF going at a College and trying to get her friends involved with HCF.

Members View
Eddie Skinner “I really enjoy being part of CF. I’ve only been a member for two months and it’s already like having a second family”.

Get Involved/Contacts
No worries if you haven’t got involved in our group so far as there is always something going on and remember this is your group so you can do as little or as much as you want.

If you do want to get involved in HCF in anyway such as being on the committee, getting involved in campaign activity, if you have got a question, some ideas to improve HCF or want further information please don’t hesitate to contact either myself, any of the officers or post on the groups wall as we will be more than happy to help.

Get the latest information on HCF by showing your support by joining and adding your friends to our Facebook Page

Feel free to forward this bulletin to your friends.

P.S A big thank you to everybody involved in HCF for all your efforts since Freshers’ Fayre and with your continued support we can continue to grow.

Robert McGuin
On Behalf of Huddersfield Conservative Future

If you do not want to receive emails from Huddersfield CF then please contact us and we will remove you from our database.

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HCF Latest News

Hello Folks,

First of all I would like to say a thank you to those who attended the Conservative Future dinner in Leeds. We had a great discussion with fellow CFers/MP and the food and drink wasn’t bad either.

Some of us went to a Conservative Halloween Ball where we enjoyed great food, wine, raffle, tombola, band, auction etc as well as great company.

There was number of you who came to the Huddersfield Conservative Association meeting the other week which was very much appreciated.

Next Tuesday on the 8th Huddersfield Conservative Future will be doing Lazerquest. This event is just off St Johns Road (Opposite the Ringway Centre) and will start from 8.30pm which costs just £6 for 3 games! For more information please visit our facebook group and There are 9 of us confirmed as attending so far.

I am expecting 2 of our HCF members to be standing in the Local Council Elections next year.

Harry our HCF President and I have sent a press release to the University Student paper about our group and we along with other HCF members are trying to get more advertisement of our group at the University.

Jason McCartney MP has kindly agreed to get some exposure of our group in his next newsletter.

I think I have covered everything but if you want to keep up to date with what’s happening with our group the join our facebook group​sfieldcf or view and add our website to your favorites at http://huddersfieldcf.wordpres​

If you want to get in touch about our group then please do contact me via email me or phone/txt on my new number at 07598917198.

P.S Feel free to add your firends to our facebook group.

Robert McGuin

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Huddersfield CF Update

Hello Folks,

I would like to say a big thank you to everybody that attended our social gathering at Varsity especially given the weather.

We had a great discussion of who we all are, what are thoughts were on the national party, introduction to the local association/Conservative future and of course our own branch.

On a personal note it is fantastic to see after I and others helped set up the group 4 years ago that Huddersfield Conservative Future has never been as big as it is now. I and others have seen the dark days of HCF such as organising a meeting and I am the only one being there. However I have stayed loyal to the group when others pursued other things and hopefully considering after last year’s success with the efforts of Stephen, Chris, Harry Andy and others this year and for a few more years to come HCF can continue to grow and become more of a success.

In the future we are looking to have campaign days, more meetings, advertising our group at Uni, debates at Uni, Refreshers Fayre, Organising and attending association/HCF/Conservative Future meetings and events etc.

Our next event will be at Browns Restaurant in Leeds where we will be joining other CF members and an MP for a meal. This is Next Saturday starting at 7.30pm and if you are interested and want further information then please click copy and paste the link into your web browser!/event.php?eid=205713972825955. We will be meeting at the Head of Steam Pub(next to Huddersfield Train Station) from 6.15pm and catching a train at 6.45pm

If you or any of your friends want to get involved in HCF in anyway such as being on the committee, if you have got a question, some ideas to improve HCF or want further information please don’t hesitate to contact either myself, any of the officers or through our Facebook group as we will be more than happy to help.

P.S Hopefully we will be having a Curry night with MP Jason McCartney soon so watch this space.

If you do not want to recieve emails about Huddersfield CF please contact us and we will remove you from our database.
Thank You
Robert McGuin
Committee Member

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Hello Huddersfield Conservative Future Members

2011 has already proved to be a fascinating year for the Conservative party with the current coalition with the Liberal Democrats standing firm despite the predictions of many commentators. And 2011 has seen a wave of activity in Huddersfield Conservative Future.

What’s Been Going On?

In January HCF had a stand at the Huddersfield University refreshers fayre. Existing HCF members spoke to students interested in joining the Conservative party (and those not interested!). This was a successful day and helped to raise the profile of HCF within the University.

HCF at Huddersfield University has also established good links with the other political societies, with social gatherings taking place. Conservative, Labour and Socialist members drinking together, who’d have thought it!

In May members of HCF took part in local election campaigning in Kirklees. knocking on doors, delivering leaflets and trying not to get bitten by angry dogs, its all part of the fun on the election trail.

HCF also had three members standing as candidates in the local election:
Christopher Meadows – Dalton Ward – 892 Votes
Robert McGuin – Greenhead Ward – 972 votes
Louisa Waple – Crosland Moor and Netherton – 1151 votes

All three candidates achieved impressive results in their respective wards and it extremley encouraging for the Huddersfield Conservative Future branch to be fielding candidates in an election. HCF members also helped out with campaigning in other regions including the high profile Oldham by-election.

HCF members have attended a number of important Conservative party events such as Spring Forum in Cardiff and the Yorkshire Conference at Wetherby racecourse.

Upcoming Events

Curry Night with Colne Valley MP Jason McCartney. This will be a great opportunity for us to meet, chat and discuss the future of HCF as well as having the company of one our most supportive members of parliament.

Pie and Peas Quiz Night on the 16th July.

The Huddersfield Conservative Association will also hold an Ordinary General Meeting on Tuesday 12th July, 8pm at Kirkheaton Conservative Club. This is a good opportunity for HCF members to meet members of the association and understand how the professional party associations operate. If you would like to attend this meeting please feel free to contact me and I will send you an agenda for the meeting. HCF can provide lifts to the meeting.

Party Conference – The Big One!

If you are planning on attending the 2011 Conservative Party conference in Manchester make sure to register by 17:30 on Thursday 30th June before the price goes up!

For more information or if you want to have your say on HCF please check out our facebook page

A big thank you to everybody involved in HCF and with your continued support we can continue to grow.

Best Regards
Christopher Meadows
Huddersfield Conservative Future

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